The Learning Marketplace + Next Generation of Workforce Development

in Digital Education on September 23, 2022

The Learning Marketplace (TLM), by Youthful Savings, teaches youth a multitude of skills that will help them prepare for the real world. The learning exercises provided on TLM enhance both technical and interpersonal skills that will support the youth in joining a growing technology infused workforce. The skills listed in Forbes’ article ‘The Top 10 Most In-Demand Skills for the Next 10 Years,’ are the ones that Youthful Savings’ learning ecosystem strives to teach the youth in order to create socioeconomic opportunities for the next generation of world citizens.

The learning exercises offered on TLM are in line with Forbes’ list of soon-to-be in-demand skills such as critical thinking which can be honed by the My Own Business Challenge and Handle Your Business learning exercises. These exercises lead youth into finding their own creative pursuits and talents and knowing how to use them in order to thrive in the real world by creating a business and attending an affordable college. Critical thinking exercises can also be found in our Character Development section which features educational exercises that develop and educate the next generation of world citizens through heart intelligence.

Along with critical thinking, TLM also offers education on emotional intelligence, mental wellbeing, creativity and collaboration which are major aspects of growing and developing into responsible, team-oriented working adults. These lessons can be found in learning exercise sections such as Arts and Mental Health where youth can be educated on managing their own emotions, utilizing social media effectively, communicating with their peers, and how to work with others in groups and teams. Specific learning exercises that explore these skills are The Art of Conversations, Power of Self-Reflection, Technology and Mental Health and Dispute and Conflict Resolution. Youth can get an in-depth education on how to work not only by themselves but also with peers in environments outside of their own schooling.

There are also more hands-on working skills that TLM offers such as Art of NFTs, Bitcoin as an Agent for Change and Youth and Investing: How to Grow Your Own Money. These learning exercises circle around time and money management, blockchain, curiosity and continuous learning. These skills help our youth and future generations to think, adapt and work in constantly changing industries. Along with these technical and work-related skills, the number one skill listed in Forbes’ article is digital literacy which is a skill youth learn by interacting with TLM and the learning exercises offered in the technology section. These exercises teach youth how to confidently and securely navigate the online world.

With the Youthful Savings tech-enabled learning ecosystem, youth are able to work and collaborate with each other. This promotes communication, creativity and curiosity as they begin to learn the values of networking and communicating with peers and other entrepreneurs with a passion for self-growth, financial education and interpersonal / professional interactions. Whether they continue to grow their own business past Youthful Savings or network and partner with other entrepreneurs and businesses, the youth that work with us can develop their skills without the stress and danger that most adults face when first entering the real world.

TLM’s emphasis on real world education through integrative, reflection based learning ensures that youth are ready to tackle challenges and create innovative solutions. The youth can be the best generation yet and become the next generation of world citizens. The better the youth, the better the world!

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