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in Digital Education on July 25, 2020

The Fresh Air Fund and Youthful Savings Launch a Virtual Summer Camp that Will Teach Entrepreneurship and Storytelling

New York, NY July 23, 2020 — The Fresh Air Fund (FreshAir.org)  and Youthful Savings (thelearningmarketplace.com) are working together this summer in order to empower the youth of New York with a Virtual Summer Camp. Youth will learn necessary skills like entrepreneurship, financial wellness, mental health, storytelling and conflict resolution. Youth will also receive dedicated mentoring from professionals working at SnapChat, Startupbootcamp, Apex Clearing, Charles Rothenberg LLC and VU Venture Partners.

Youthful Savings launched their Virtual Summer Camp series in order to help youth stay motivated and empower them to rebuild the economy in a COVID-19 reality.  Through their “My Own Business Challenge” youth will come up with business ideas, learn how to pitch their ideas and create online stores through the Youthful Savings Marketplace. The Fresh Air Fund has also allocated a $500 stipend for each youth for each youth participating and the chance to win investment money.

“We are very enthusiastic about The Fresh Air Fund’s new innovative partnership with Youthful Savings to work with our young people on a virtual summer program focused on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, wellness and basic business concepts,” said Fatima Shama, Executive Director, The Fresh Air Fund. “Our students will learn about investments, how to market their own businesses and, upon completion, earn a course certification. The opportunity to gain professional business knowledge and develop communication skills will be an invaluable asset as they prepare to enter the workforce.  Some may even be inspired by their mentors to follow their dreams and develop their own business plans as entrepreneurs.  Teaching our students how to share their storytelling and present themselves in a work environment is a powerful way to prepare them for our current and future economic landscape.”  

Back in 2018, Youthful Savings created their online learning platform, The Learning Marketplace (www.thelearningmarketplace.com)  in order to serve youth with education that isn’t traditionally taught in school. The platform has modules in arts, finance, business, character building, technology and other subjects that help raise socioeconomic status among youth.

“At Youthful Savings, we have always believed that youth can create change in themselves and their communities if the right tools are given to them, “ said Somya Munjal, CEO, Youthful Savings. ”It’s inspiring to see The Fresh Air Fund invest in youth directly and we believe we can create impactful change in the coming months and years. I’m excited to see what the youth create and how we can make their investment turn into the next million dollar businesses in New York and beyond.”

As New York regroups from COVID-19, Youthful Savings reached out to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in order to find ways to help rebuild the city. Youthful Savings, which is based out of New York City,  believes in a public and private approach in order to create sustainable socioeconomic change and is grateful to the Governor for this  partnership with The Fresh Air Fund.

The Virtual Summer Camp will begin July 23rd. Youthful Savings and The Fresh Air Fund will be working with youth to create user generated content that will allow them to share their stories with the world. More information can be found on www.thelearningmarketplace and www.freshair.org.

About Youthful Savings

Youthful Savings is a premier education technology company dedicated to the next generation with financial wellness. Their digital learning platform, The Learning Marketplace (TLM) offers supplemental learning tools for millions of students, ranging in ages from 5 to 25, currently adopting virtual education modalities. To learn more, visit www.youthfulsavings.com, and www.thelearningmarketplace.com

Press Inquiries: Somya Munjal, CEO, 929-325-9820, [email protected]

About The Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit organization that has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877.  This summer, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, The Fund will continue to provide safe, fun, engaging and enriching experiences for New York City youth to keep the magic of summer alive through virtual and outdoor programs. Fresh Air children also participate in year-round leadership and educational programs. 

Press Inquiries: Julie Silverman, Director of Communications, 212-897-8890, [email protected], and Andrea Kotuk, Andrea & Associates, 917-603-6340, [email protected]

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