My Own Business Challenge – Book & Web App

What is My Own Business Challenge?

My Own Business Challenge helps youth learn necessary financial education and entrepreneurship skills. Our unique challenge not only teaches them about life skills but also incentivizes them to keep their dreams alive and become economically empowered.

This challenge further enhances one’s ability to critically think and create consciously. The challenge was designed to encourage youth to use their energy to solve world problems through the power of entrepreneurship. This challenge has been successfully implemented at Uncommon Schools, Newark High School, Avondale Meadows Academy, Martha’s Table, City of Santa Monica, Valley Education for Employment System and many other institutions and homes. My Own Business Challenge is the premier way to encourage youth to be economically empowered, productive citizens and conscious transactors! If you want your youth to change the world through the power of entrepreneurship and conscious creativity, this challenge is for you!

This product consists of a 26 page interactive booklet, guided lesson plans created in partnership with Uncommon Schools and a state of the art web application that helps youth track their business, financial and personal growth. Youth are encouraged to contact Youthful Savings personnel in order to enhance their business and financial acumen. Added business investment is offered through our Youthful Savings Foundation. Learn more by contacting us!

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Product Overview Video
Grade Level(s) 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Download Category Business
Number of Pages 20
Teaching Duration 2 Months


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